8 Steps
To Begin the Healing Process

"Get ready to find hope. Get ready to feel good about you. Get ready to let go of the past and live more fully than you thought possible, and quite possibly even more fully than you did before you had this traumatic experience. You deserve to be complete. You are wonderful. You are a magnificent creation that was created to add value. You are valuable. You are good." – Lois Haroldsen, LCSW

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Talk to Someone! Many people feel like their lives are simply over after they have been betrayed in an intimate relationship. It is common for people who have been hurt in such a personal way to want to isolate themselves and just turn their heart to stone so they can never be hurt this way again. This is an extremely painful and damaging way to try to cope with this experience and does not invite healing and future happiness. We suggest that you find someone who you can trust and really talk to. 

Through many studies it is found that journaling and simply writing is very healing and even more successful than taking antidepressants. Just write. It does not have to be writing about your problems or anything specific at all; the bottom line is just to write. 

Get out and enjoy Nature. This can be a way for you to recognize the beautiful creations of your maker. For those who may have different beliefs, this is still an opportunity to be still and enjoy the quiet beauty of this incredible world. 

Laugh! Although joy is hard to come by in this traumatic time, it is important to find even if it is only for a minute. We suggest that you find something simply to at least smile at every day possible. If you can allow yourself to do this, it will help you so much in your journey to finding healing and peace. You deserve happiness and there is nothing wrong with finding something to laugh or smile at every day.

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