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Lifespan Integration ™

Lifespan Integration™:

Peggy Pace developed Lifespan Integration™ as a gentle method of therapy where the mind and body heal together. She has found that this LI brings healing to people of all ages with various therapeutic issues and attachment disorders. Pace describes Lifespan Integration as the following:

“Lifespan Integration relies on the innate ability of the body-mind to heal itself. LI is body-based, and combines active  imagination, the juxtaposition of ego states  in time,  and a visual timeline of memories to facilitate neural integration and rapid healing. During the integrating phase of the protocol, the client ‘views’ a memory image for each year of his or her life. The Lifespan Integration technique causes memories to surface spontaneously, and because of how memories are held neurologically, each memory which surfaces is related to the emotional theme or issue being targeted. The resulting panoramic view of the client’s life gives the client new insights about lifelong patterns resultant from the past trauma.”

 Lois has found that betrayal often brings up feelings or memories of abandonment from childhood. These feelings add to the trauma of the current situation and need to be resolved for the individual to be able to move into healing.

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