About Lois Haroldsen, LCSW

Lois Haroldsen, LCSW

For nearly two decades, Lois Haroldsen has guided thousands to rebuild hope in shattered lives.  Through avenues from special victims’ assistance to public speaking and private counseling, Ms. Haroldsen has utilized her personal experience, formal education, and professional practice in assisting and encouraging her clients in their pursuit of peace and wholeness.

After surviving the devastation of her bulimic daughter’s death and the end of her 14-year marriage to the father of their five children, Haroldsen found meaning in her losses and joy in her life and loves helping others heal from life's traumatic events.

Since 1986, Haroldsen, addressing multiple aspects of relational traumas, has presented to diverse groups including YouTube viewers, the National Association of Social Workers, and attendees of Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

In 1993, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, followed by her Master’s in Social Work in 1995, both from the University of Utah.

Upon completion of her studies, Ms. Haroldsen, employed by the Salt Lake City District Attorney’s Special Victims Unit, began counseling, educating, and supporting survivors of crimes such as child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault, helping her clients to navigate the criminal justice system and to obtain outside services following their legal battles.

Haroldsen began her ongoing private practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 1999, basing her work on the C. Terry Warner Theory of Human Nature, which emphasizes personal responsibility within interpersonal interactions.

Concentration on relationships continued in Haroldsen’s work with LifeSTAR Sexual Addiction Recovery, where she aided addicts and their spouses, through individual-, couple-, and group-therapy, to rebuild wellbeing in marriages shaken by intimate betrayal.

Haroldsen’s mixture of personal life, professional education, and work experience have uniquely enabled her to guide clients on their pathways to healing.

My Guarantee

People who invest in themselves and are committed and consistent in working through their problems in an individualized therapy program with a caring professional, will make dramatic improvement in their lives regardless of their circumstances. I promise I will be there with you in this journey to new found happiness and satisfaction. The methods and protocols I will use are clinically proven to be effective and they will work for you! There is Hope

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Therapies I Use

Lois Haroldsen, LCSW is well trained in several different therapies including, Lifespan Integration, Ideal LifeVision, Brené Brown, and C. Terry Warner Theory of Human Nature,  that consist of variations of the following: positive psychology, crisis intervention, diagnosing core problems, happiness exercises, self-compassion assessments, habit interruption, life transformation, and permanent resilience. Lois will modify each program to meet the needs of the client.

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