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Wallace Brown joins us in this tip with some insights from the Navajo culture and their beliefs. He explains that everyone is a spiritual being in the beginning and then become a physical being when born. As soon as this physical being lets out the first cry at birth, you then become an emotional being. When you, as this emotional being, are picked up and cared for, you finally become a thinking being. As a thinking being you learn about your physical self and your physical environment. As this being, you are required to grow in each of these four areas by having a relationship with your God (or higher power),  caring for others, learning, and growing. Wallace tells us that we can never find joy and peace unless we grow in these four areas. Lois suggests the same thing; to grow and develop yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in order to heal from betrayal in intimate relationships. At this point in your life, self-care is absolutely essential especially on the road to healing.

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