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"I had struggles with mental illness in my teen years and have had counseling several times during my marriage and some family counseling with our children. Lois Haroldson is my favorite therapist ever! She is humble yet assertive, and very insightful.  She continues to learn and shares her knowledge with clients, referring us to helpful books and therapies. She is open and approachable, wise and kind!
Thank you, Lois, for your guidance and encouragement!"
“Lois has helped me to realize who I am, she has lovingly pushed me to realize what I am capable of–that I never even imagined was possible for myself–and she has changed my life forever. I am continually growing and changing, but Lois helped me to get out of a major slump in my life and find direction and real purpose.
I don’t know how I will ever thank her enough, but I will forever be grateful for all that she has done for me.”
“Lois was an answer to my prayers.  She helped me during a very difficult time in my life.  Lois helped me understand the challenges I was dealing with so I could progress in my life.  Through counseling I became familiar with my faulty core beliefs which were negatively impacting my life.  Lois guided my journey to healing with compassion, knowledge, experience, and faith.  Now I enjoy each day more than I ever dreamed possible.
Thank you Lois for teaching me the skills to find peace and joy!”
"Through decisions I made, I was suffering from addiction that had been continuing for 30 years.  My addiction caused me so much unhappiness.   It also affected my spouse and our marriage.  Something HAD to change!  I couldn’t go on the same path I was walking.  Lois worked with me in group and individual therapy.  Her professional experience and spiritual insights helped me to understand life and the way I could find real happiness and peace. Now my life is so much happier!  My marriage now has a chance and hope to become a happy and healthy relationship. 
Thank you, Lois, for your kind, yet firm teachings and encouragement! You saved me from a dark place and I am so grateful."
"I instantly felt at ease with Lois. Her knowledge combined with her life experiences has given her a unique perspective on relationships.
Lois is an emotionally strong woman and has helped me to gain tools to be emotionally strong myself."
"Working on my recovery with Lois has been life-changing for me.  She can empathize with me on many levels yet she is able to help me see things in a positive light.  I always come away from a session feeling hopeful and uplifted. 
I am so thankful to have learned the lessons she has to offer."
"Wow! What can I say about Lois? Lois is an amazing therapist, friend and all around wonderful person! I starting seeing Lois shortly after my husbands sexual addiction was revealed. He had a couple of affairs, one was with my 'best' friend. As you can imagine I was devastated! I think I was about at the lowest point in my life. Lois helped me dig myself out of the hole my life had turned into. Lois is an expert on sexual addiction and dealing with the aftermath of its wake for both partners affected. Lois is always learning new things to help others. She is always reading a new book or attending a lecture,  to help the people she meets with. What I love about  Lois is that she shares what she has learned and experienced in helpful ways, but at the same time listening (in a non judgmental) atmosphere to what my experience and feelings are. She has referred me many great books to read and also has opened my mind and heart to looking at things from a different perspective to be able to handle what has been on my plate. There is no question in my mind that I would not have been able to make it through the things I have experienced without Lois's love help and expertise in  her field. For me she has been an answer to prayer and I will never be able to give adequate praise and thanks for the strength she has been to me and my family. In my opinion she walks on water and you would be a fool not to see her if you are struggling with these issues in your life. She won't always tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear to help and strengthen you.
She can navigate you through the darkest hours of your life if you will listen to her and follow her counsel and advice."

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